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Discover the thrill of the open road with Nevermind Adventure, an Australian-owned motorcycle adventure company. Embark on epic group rides spanning the globe - from the cultural wonders of Sri Lanka and Vietnam to the untamed landscapes of Patagonia, Ireland, the Himalayas, India, and Australia. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice, our tours promise excitement, camaraderie, and the unexplored enchantment of the world.

Why Choose Nevermind?

Explore the world on a motorcycle and experience the freedom that comes with the wind in your hair, the unknown and the open road. Our meticulously planned tours ensure you not only witness the stunning landscapes but also immerse yourself in the local culture, creating memories that last a lifetime. With Nevermind Adventure, every journey is exhilarating and excitement is always guaranteed.

We take care to design our routes and itineraries walking the fine tightrope between genuine and authentic old school adventure, perhaps recklessness but with a very secure and well thought out and strategically placed security net. You may not even notice that we are there, that the safety net is there, but it always is. If things go “pear shaped” you can be sure we have seen it before, managed it before and have a very solid plan in place to ensure you are as safe as possible at all times.

Our team is highly experienced and we specialise in designing and operating real adventures, often packing months worth of incredible experiences into just a few weeks. So you can jump out of the hectic “real world” and into a life changing adventure without the need to shut your life down and be back in time for dinner, well almost! You will re enter the world battered and weary but with a warm sense of achievement feeling like the lead character in your very own adventure thriller.

There are many motorcycle tour companies around these days however we at Nevermind have stuck to our roots, our values and our culture of keeping it real. No bullshit, no glitzy travel brochures or fancy algorithms that stalk you all over the internet creeping you out. With us it’s simple. If you like what we do then you are free to visit our website, follow us on the usual social media platforms and contact us when you are ready to ride with us. We will not stalk you or hassle you. However if you really like our style and would like to be kept up to date then make sure you are on our exclusive mailing list and join our Facebook Group!

It is very simple. All of us at Nevermind pride ourselves on our epic motorcycle adventures. Nothing more, nothing less.

Meet The Team

The story of Nevermind Adventure goes back three generations to the 1970’s and even further. This 50 plus year long tale has played out on a global stage from rural Australia to Southern Africa, the mighty Himalayas, India and beyond. Bikes have been destroyed and hearts have been broken however the constant pull of adventure, of exploring this incredible planet, by motorcycle has always pulled us through. And we have been sharing this with you since the early 1990’s…The saga continues as we rebuild from the ashes of the pandemic and launch ourselves headlong, grinning and excited, into the unprecedented times ahead. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about the history of Nevermind Adventure.

Our passionate and dedicated team live and breathe adventure motorcycle touring. This is no exaggeration, we literally live to create the wildest imaginable experiences and then share them with the world. Feel free to contact any of us for a chat (email addresses listed below).

Matt Natonewski (Natas)

Matt is the leader and  longest serving member of the team. In many ways Matt’s story is the story of Nevermind Adventure. Being a third generation biker and second generation motorcycle tour operator, running incredible motorcycle tours is definitely in the blood. Matt has had an incurable sense of adventure since primary school and once he was introduced to motorcycles at around age 10 there was no looking back. Matt has travelled to every continent, has lost count of the number of countries visited, and has dedicated his life to sharing these amazing places and people and creating new experiences with you.

Frankie Plunket (The Weapon)


Frankie is a creative talent and powerful force of nature that makes the wheels turn at Nevermind Adventure. Those funny videos on social media that we all enjoy, well that is Frankie’s handiwork. From replying to your enquiries, whipping our tour leaders into line or updating your invoices and even leading your tours there is nothing that goes on around Nevermind that Frankie does not know about or can’t manage. Frankie is another global traveller with millions of miles and hundreds of wild stories under her belt. Frankie may be small in stature but can handle a motorcycle as well as anyone and is an indispensable member of the Nevermind team and an integral part of our story and enthralling history.

Bob Sanders (The Bob)

The Bob, as he is known around these parts, has probably clocked up more miles and more smiles than any other human on the planet. The Bob lives and breathes motorcycles and has been part of the furniture ever since his first tour with Nevermind Adventure over a decade ago. Bob will have you in stitches all the way and loves all the best things in life and is one of the best examples of the human species that we have ever encountered in the wild.

Bill Savage (The Savage)

The Savage is a purebred biker who is passionate about life and helping as many people along the way as he can. The man is not only a great biker and tour leader but a natural healer with some incredible wellness skills. It is not uncommon for Bill to have a group of bikers out on a remote beach or jungle garden in the early hours doing light stretches, meditating or simply talking about life over a fresh cup of coffee. Decades of travel, riding and tour leading experience combined with a very unique health and wellness skillset, and an incredibly warm and empathetic personality ensure an adventure motorcycling experience like no other!

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