23rd June - 11th July 2025


18 Days


Moderate - Challenging
(Dirt Road Sections)


Rider: $7,900 (AUD)*

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Himalayan Overland Expedition

If you seek adventure, you have found it with this epic 18 day experdition of the world’s highest roads..And we will be right there by your side. When you book with us you travel with us.

This will be a ride like no other you have undertaken as you will be riding through some of the most scenic and remote countryside in the world. But don’t be fooled, the ride will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually.

And nobody does the Himalayas like Nevermind! No backtracking and taking in the little explored back country of Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh, The Spiti Valley and Rishikesh.

We take you to the places no one has heard of. Into remote Kashmir, ride over secret mountain passes and tracks initially carved out by Alexander the Great!

You’ll ride gravel, bitumen and conduct river crossings. You’ll end up riding higher than you have ever ridden before as you’ll ride over mountain passes that are over 5000 meters high. The passes will metaphorically and literally take your breath away!

The ride visits remote communities so you will get to meet, eat and chat with the locals. On a couple of nights you’ll get to sit around a campfire out in the middle of nowhere under the vast night sky with the Himalayan Mountains looming nearby.

This ride is all about the journey, not the final destination and is designed for those with a spirit of adventure. This trip is richly rewarding in so many ways, that you’ll come away with a fresh perspective on life and yourself.

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*$7990 (AUD) – all inclusive 18 days 17 nights cozy accommodation, meals, motorcycle, fuel, insurance, support vehicle, transfers within India and support staff. International Flights, personal travel insurance and drinks are not included. Small deposit is required to confirm bookings.

Himalayan Rumble: Adventure, Challenge, incredible riding, captivating cultures and Breathtaking Views!

Riding the Himalayas is the pinnacle of motorcycling. And our Himalayan Rumble is the pinnacle of Himalayan motorcycling. This is where it all started for Nevermind and it is really four diverse regions of the Himalayas in one ride.
A unique and thrilling experience, stunning scenery, challenging roads, and thrills and spills like no other adventure can offer. The Himalayas, with high mountain passes, gorges, and ancient temples, provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for any motorcycle adventure The region is known for its spectacular vistas, rich history, and unique local cuisine, making it an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts.

The Himalayan Overlander is so action packed that you will feel as though time has stopped. That you have been away for months, years. That you have done more living in these mountains than you may have ever experienced.

That is just the way it is up here.

Ride through the lush valleys and snow capped mountains of “The Switzerland of India”, Kashmir,  the alpine desert “little Tibet”, The Spiti Valley, The lush Sangla Valley, camp at the Lake of The Moon and ride the world’s highest mountain passes. Get off the beaten track with us and let us show you the real Himalayas!

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*$7,900 (AUD) – all inclusive 18 days 17 nights accommodation, motorcycle, fuel, insurance, support vehicle, all meals, all transfers and support staff. International Flights, personal travel insurance and drinks are not included.

Day 1 :  Chandigarth – Mcleod Ganj (5 hours transfer by private vehicle)

This morning we will depart Swiss designed Chandigarth after breakfast taking in the fascinating city as you board the Nevermind bus heading for the mountains. This bus ride will take approximately 5 hours, with lots of stops so just enjoy the scenic drive from a different perspective, and maybe a few refreshments along the way.

Eventually we arrive in the Tibetan stronghold and home of the Dalai Lama, Mcleaod Ganj. Take an evening stroll around the old Himalayan capital and sip on a few beers with some locals and backpackers at a local bar and explore the colourful marketplaces.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Day 2 : Mcleod Gang – Khajjiar  ( 135km – 6 -7 hrs)

Rise early to witness your first sun rise over the Himalayas. Head out on an early morning walk to stretch the legs and breathe the fresh Himalayan air, plus there are some good coffee spots around town. Before we commence riding partake in the Hindi Pooja ceremony – a Nevermind “blessing of the Bikes”. We ride into some wild and untamed territory so a little blessing from the local deities is always a good idea!

Today’s ride will see us taking single lane roads through the mountains. Think of Lord of the Rings type scenery with rocky mountains, thunderous waters and thick alpine forest. Stunning single lane Himalayan roads all to ourselves. Be awe struck as we zig zag our way through the mountains. And it is only day 1!

We will arrive at Khajjiar around 5pm. Take a quick stroll around the woods and this bizarre Hindu alpine settlement.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Day 3: Khajjiar – Killar ( 8 HRS – 120KMS )

The roads up here were carved out by hand by the armies of Alexander the Great, the Moghul Empire and invading armies over the centuries. These roads and passes are only open at certain times of the year due to weather but also, until recently, closed to western visitors. You’ll be above a select few that have ridden through here. The main mountain pass here is somewhat of a secret but is definitely a major highlight of the ride and will never be forgotten.

Eventually we cross from the foothills into rural Himalayas you’ll notice a stark difference in both the landscape and culture. The people, the food and the countryside are so completely different – it’s like being in a different country. One of the best days riding anywhere on this planet maybe other planets.

Day 4: Killar – Kishtwar (130kms 6 hours)

After a restful nights sleep in the Wild West like town of Killar we head west into the deep and remote interior. Riding breathtaking roads, hand carved into mountainsides all day, no traffic and no tourists to be seen anywhere for hundreds of kilometres we climb and descend into Kashmir. A historical melting pot of cultures, cuisines and landscapes all beautiful in their own right. The views from today will be etched into hearts and memories forever.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Day 5: Kishtwar – Kokernag (130 kms – 5 hours)

A relaxing days ride today over the stunning and fun zig zags of the Sinthan Pass. Alway a day of fun and beautiful alpine scenes as we descend once again into a botanical valley for the cozy evening and a truly delicious traditional Kashmiri feast.

Day 6: Kokernag – Srinager (90 kms – 4 hours)

Today we will be riding to the Kashmir capital of Srinagar. No doubt we will notice a heavy military presence along the main roads as these has been some civil unrest in the past, however, travellers are still warmly welcomed by the locals.

Srinagar is an attack on the senses after being so remote. We will arrive in time to enjoy some local cuisine for lunch before taking gondolas out to the fully restored 19th century houseboats on Dal Lake.

These houseboats are beautiful and fully kitted out with timber furniture and carpets made by the British Raj over 100 years ago.

Take the afternoon to explore the lake by gondola, swim or just relax aboard the houseboat.

Tonight, we dine on local home cooked Kashmiri cuisine in style in the formal dining section of the houseboat overlooking the historic Dal Lake and the city of Srinagar.

Day 7: Srinager – Kargil ( 7hrs – 205kms )

We will follow the Pakistan/India/Chinese disputed borders over the famous and treacherous Zojila Pass. You will notice a dramatic change is scenery and culture. We will see past battle grounds as we ride the smooth winding mountain roads on the way to Dras. Dras, in the winter months, is one of India’s coldest places with average winter temperatures below -20°C.

We will arrive in Kargil mid-afternoon giving you time to explore the market bazaar in this travellers’ resting stop.

Kargil is tucked away in the Indus River Valley and has played host to thousands of travellers over the centuries as it has been part of the ancient trading routes between Europe / Middle East and the Orient. The markets are great for fresh dried fruits, nuts and tasty local treats and all sort of other exotic delights.

Day 8: Kargil – Leh, Ladakh (214kms – 6 hours)

We ride into the Buddhist area of Ladakh. You’ll notice the change as you will see monasteries, Gompas (Buddhist ecclesiastical fortifications of learning), Momos (dumpling house) are the mainstay in this mountain kingdom. The remoteness and the scenery of the areas will always be a highlight in your adventure travels. The remoteness and the scenery of the areas will always be a highlight in your adventure travels. This is high altitude moonscape riding at its best, high above the tree line, crystal clear skies will take your breath away. Great Roads and plenty of time to enjoy them today. Roll into the burgeoning tourist haven of Leh mid afternoon for some beers and Yak Cheese Pizza!  

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Day 9: LEH  WORLD’S HIGHEST ROAD ( 4 HRS 80kms )

We will hop on the bikes in the afternoon to ride one of the world’s highest roads – Kardung La (5600mts). This is officially the highest motorable road in the world but come under dispute from time to time.

Anyway – you’re up high. We will monitor you for altitude effects however the cure for attitude sickness is to get to a lower level, however, we are well equipped with medication and oxygen.

We return to Leh (3500mts) and overnight here again buzzing from the high altitude experience.

Enjoy a rest this afternoon from riding! You will have time to explore Leh on your own so you may wish to visit ancient monasteries, markets and local cafes. There are many fun and interesting things to do and see in Leh so take your time to enjoy the atmosphere.

Day 10 LEH – TSOKAR  ( 6 HRS 160KMS )

The roads are still high but the geology changes dramatically until we finally pass over the Tanglang La Pass (5380mts). The road is paved, however, focused riding is still required at this altitude. Once at the top of the pass the words “unbelievable is not it?” will be etched into your heart forever, but you’ll only know why once you have been here.

We turn off the main road and proceed down a dusty and sandy track in our camp for the night – Tsokar.

Pulling into Tsokar is a real treat. High altitude glamping tonight at its finest with time to explore the remote salt lakes and chill by the fire and maybe a short ride to explore some of the track around the area wink wink nudge nudge.

This place is more Mongolian than Himalayan and is home to a small community of shepherds. During the winter this is one the of the harshest places on earth, so it’s lucky we travel during the summer months. It still gets cold but sitting around a campfire out in this remote spot is priceless.

Play some high altitude cricket or take an evening trail ride around the valley. We are the only ones here and you are free to explore and discover its secrets. We are still at altitude, some 5000 metres, so go slow.

Day 11: Tsokar – Jispa (220kms – 6.5 hours)

The road conditions will change frequently from dusty and bumpy dirt roads to silky smooth tar.

Once again, we climb high to Sarchu and over the famous Barachla Pass (4890mts). Road conditions here are good however we frequently encounter snow and ice for short periods. A fun ride with wide sweeping bends through pristine alpine valleys.

Arrive into the small Village of Jispa for a refreshing swim in the nearby mountain streams or just chill at the eco lodge for the afternoon and wind down and rest. This is a very peaceful place and be prepared for some delicious home cooked local cuisine.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Day 12: Jispa – Kaza (210 kms – 7 hours)

This is a day of ADVENTURE. This incredible days riding takes us into the Spiti Valley now famous for it’s untouched Tibetan culture and landscapes. “Little Tibet” will inspire your imagination and have you smiling from ear to ear. Some dirt roads today but loads of fun to be had as we work together to reach our destination having as much fun along the way as we can. Truly amazing scenery devoid of human interference.

Kaza is a town located in the remote Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is the largest township and commercial center of the Spiti Valley, situated along the Spiti River at an elevation of around 3,650 meters (11,980 feet) above sea level. The old town has the king’s palace and It is a popular base camp for trekking, mountaineering, and adventure activities in the region. The world’s highest servo is here and the worlds highest post office is located in Hikkim village, about 46 km from Kaza, at an elevation of 4,400 meters.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Day 13: Kaza – Nako (120kms – 4 hours)

Again, you’ll be enjoying some amazing roads as you ride to Nako. Along the way there will be permit checks as we explore one of the worlds last wilderness area’s. The ride into Nako is some of the most fun motorcycling in the world!

Riding into Nako is an unforgettable experience as you get a sense that George Lucas visited here before making the Star Wars films. Nako is like stepping into a National Geographic documentary. 

The guesthouse in Nako is a very special place and has been the scene of dozens of Nevermind celebrations, dance offs and all sorts of fun activities involving extremely excited locals, the Nevermind crew and local brew! Take the afternoon to stroll around this truly amazing local Tibetan village with super friendly locals, handicrafts and all looking out over the edge of the world.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Day 14: Nako – Sangla(160kms – 6 hours)

Departing around 0800hrs we join the old Indo-Tibet Highway following a section of the Old Silk Route which saw traders traverse east to west and back again buying a selling goods. We will enjoy a traditional Dhaba Thali lunch before we cross the Kinnaur Bridge with amazing views of snow capped mountains in nearby TibetThe route declined with the introduction of shipping. We follow the Kinnaru Valley through the valley and Ranpur. The Sangla/Kinnaur region is famous for its apple orchards whilst nearby Kalpa has many temples that are dedicated to both Hindu and Buddhist gods.

The guesthouse (glamping) and hospitality here is truly awesome and the outdoor dining experience is yet another amazing highlight. Try the local Apple Whiskey! This is a very safe, peaceful and serene place so head out and explore the nearby villages and forests on foot – you will not be disappointed.

An interesting fact is that in the Sangla women hold many of the senior government positions and sometimes known to have several husbands.

Day 15: Sangla  – Rohru (220kms – 7 hours)

Today we depart back onto the Indoi Tibetan highway for a bit before heading onto some amazing single lane backroads through the Himalayan countryside. Be prepared for sensory overload as we wind our way through the back country and tiny remote local Kinnaurean villages. Back into the Alpine Forrests and rural farm scenes, waterfalls and forrests.

Day 16: Rohru – Rishikesh (240kms – 7 hours)

Our final days riding together is full of excitement and surprises. Today has everything and more and by the time we arrive at our amazing destination you will wanting more. Mountain passes, jungle, traffic and everything that this incredible country can throw at us. Fun and diverse and the perfect way to finish our riding together.

It’s the final day of relaxed and scenic riding. Tonight enjoy our famous Nevermind awards ceremony! Tonight everyone can have a bit of fun and a laugh knowing that they have completed one of the best bike rides they are ever likely to do. Until next time!

Day 17: Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a holy city located in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, on the banks of the sacred Ganges River. It is known as the “Yoga Capital of the World” and a renowned pilgrimage site for Hindus. It is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, where the Ganges emerges from the mountains onto the plains. This scenic location surrounded by hills and forests is a popular spiritual retreat for westerners and locals alike. – Rishikesh is a major center for the study and practice of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. The city is considered one of the holiest places in Hinduism, with ancient temples like Neelkanth Mahadev, Raghunath, and the 13-storey Trimbakeshwar Temple. The evening Ganga Aarti ritual on the river banks is a major attraction. – Rishikesh is a vegetarian city and alcohol is prohibited (but we have contacts).

Today is a free day to explore the funky markets and take in the incredible sights. There are plenty of fun to be had with a plethora of things to see and do!


Day 18: Rishikesh – Delhi (5 hours private bus)

Today we ditch the bikes and head back to Delhi to meet our return flights or stay on for a few days to explore this ancient capital.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

Spirit of Adventure: 18 Days in the Indian Himalayas – You are going all this way you may as well do it properly and see the lot!

Embark on this 18 odyssey through the Indian Himalayas, promising an unforgettable riding experience. This isn’t just a scenic joyride; it’s a physical, mental, and spiritual challenge. Your motorcycle will traverse varied terrains, from gravel to dirt, accompanied by exhilarating river crossings, and ascend mountain passes exceeding 5000 meters. Beyond the ride, engage with remote communities, share meals, and gather around campfires under the expansive night sky. This journey isn’t about reaching a destination; it’s about embracing the spirit of adventure. Expect a trip that challenges and rewards, leaving you with a renewed perspective on life—a truly enriching and transformative experience over 18 days taking in the entire Indian Himalayas.


From stylish and cozy Glamping tents under the stars to traditional Raj era Haveli's this ride packs it all in! Every night is completely different so be sure to be enchanted every evening. All hotels have western style facilities, hot showers and all have been our partners for more than a decade.


Say farewell to doubts - the NEW Royal Enfield Himalayan 450cc is aptly named for a reason. Meticulously crafted and engineered to conquer Himalayan conditions, no other motorcycle is better suited. Boasting comfort, lightness, and effortless manoeuvrability, the Himalayan turns every ride into a genuine pleasure. However, if you're inclined towards the timeless charm of "old school”, because "old school is the best school" as we say at Nevermind - then opt for the iconic Royal Enfield Bullet. A stalwart that has patrolled the Himalayas for nearly a century, the Bullet adds a funky touch to your photos. Both models are more than capable, so share your preference, and we'll ensure you embark on an adventure that perfectly suits your style.


Nevermind Adventure Tour Leaders are all experienced campaigners who live for the road. They just do not make them like this anymore. A bit rough on the exterior but strong, charismatic and always hilarious - they know their tours better than the back of their hands.

The Route

All of our tour itineraries and routes have been painstakingly designed to condense months of adventure into just a few weeks so be prepared to have your mind blown and be exhausted at the end of it all but to be left wanting more.

The Food

In the Himalayas, the food is a rich and diverse reflection of the region's cultural and geographical influences. The cuisine encompasses a variety of dishes from Indian, Nepali, Bhutanese, and Tibetan traditions. Some of the quintessential Himalayan dishes include momos (dumplings), chicken curry, dal bhat (lentil soup with rice), aloo tama bodi (potato, bamboo shoot, and black-eyed pea curry), and thukpa (noodle soup).

The diet is characterized by hearty grains, legumes, yak meat, and dairy products, with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Spices are widely used, and the cooking techniques are influenced by Tibetan and Chinese methods. The food is known for its harmonious blend of flavors, creating a unique gastronomic experience.


The culture of the Himalayas is diverse and influenced by various ethnic groups and religions. The region is home to four noticeably different cultural groups: Buddhist (Tibetan), Hindu (Indian), Islamic (Afghanistan-Iran), and Animist (Burmese and South-eastern Asian)

The people of the Himalayas practice different religions, with Hindus making offerings and prayers to specific deities and personifying the Himalayas as the father of the goddess Parvati and the river Ganges. The region's diversity is reflected in its architecture, languages, dialects, rituals, beliefs, and clothing. The Himalayan people's culture is also characterized by activities such as animal husbandry, yak and sheep breeding, and nomadic pastoralism. The region is inhabited by people from different language families, including Indo-European, Tibeto-Burman, Austroasiatic, and Dravidian.

Nevermind Adventure Tours Himalayas

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We are aware that planning an epic adventure in advance can be intimidating but we have you covered with our flexible payment policy.

Our accommodating payment policy makes it simple to reschedule, cancel or get a refund in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise. We request a small $1000AUD booking confirmation deposit at the time of booking. This can be paid by direct transfer, credit card or eftpos and payment plans are acceptable.

We incur costs from the outset and this deposit not only confirms your commitment to travelling on the booked dates but also allows us to cover our admin and expenses leading up to your adventure. The remaining  balance is due 60 days prior to departure. We only run this tour once a year and we only take a handful of people each year. This ensures an incredible one off experience every time.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances meaning you need to cancel your booking you will be refunded 100% provided the cancellation is more than 6 months prior to travel dates. We also have the option to transfer 100% of your deposit to any other date or even a different tour as long as you have given us notice at least 60 days out from departure. This means you are well covered in the event that your circumstances change.

That’s right! Simply click the book now button and fill out the form with no risk and nothing to pay. It is so simple and completely risk free. Our payment policy means you can book your tour and relax knowing that we have you covered.

Cost: $7,900 (AUD) – all inclusive accommodation, all meals, motorcycle, fuel, insurance, support vehicle and staff. Exclusions – flights, personal travel insurance and drinks.

Single supplement room option: $1,000 (AUD)*

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