“If you want to get rich stop buying your coffee immediately”. A sixty something balding guy passionately preaches to his Instagram audience. I listen in from my old I phone. 

He continues “Instead make your coffee at home and save the five bucks. This is the easy path to becoming rich”  

I put down my phone. I look up, guilty as fuck. Like I’ve been busted by the old lady jerking off to the latest Target lingerie catalogue. Shit I buy a coffee every day. In fact, I am watching his video on my phone, sitting in my car in the Bean Squeeze drive through queue. Suddenly I feel dirty.  

So, I patiently wait in the Bean Squeeze drive through coffee shop, enjoying that sweet, sweet, freshly brewed coffee aroma in anticipation. And these girls know how I like it because I come here every morning. Every morning after my early morning workout and swim at the local beach. This is how I start my day and even on those polar mornings mid-winter, when the icy south westerly’s blow direct from Antarctica. When your balls migrate up into your torso. The days the monster surf makes the earth shake. Knowing there is a hot sweet coffee waiting for me at the end of it all is a great motivator tro get out there in the twilight of the morning. 

My mind pauses and questions this bloke’s logic. I do some very rough math. Five dollars a day = $35 a week = $1820 a year.  

I guess he is going to talk about compound interest. So, let’s say we can make 10% on our coffee investment per year.  

First year $1820 plus 10% = $2002. Ok but yeah, I continue to enjoy my coffee not feeling so bad. The guilt fades away. 

But let’s look at five years with no coffee. Maybe that will get me the yacht, coke and hookers we all dream about. 

Second Year would make $2002 plus another $1820 = $4022.20 plus 10% = $4424.42 

Third Year comes to $6868.90 

Fourth Year – $7737.79 

Fifth year – $10,513.60. 

Nope I am not filthy rich yet. But ten K is still ten K. 

So, five years without that small pleasure and my $5 a day could easily become over ten thousand dollars. 

As someone who has made money, lost money and made it back, lost it and made it again I like to investigate these gurus. Mainly because I wonder why they bother sharing this information, making videos and shit, if they have already made their millions. Maybe they are really nice people that just want to help others. Or maybe they are selling us something, maybe there is something more sinister going on. Maybe they are yet to make their millions themselves. Who knows but my bullshit detector is moving toward the red line area.  

Perhaps I am missing something but I know if I had stayed away from the coffees and made my millions, I would likely be too busy enjoying polishing up old Triumphs and Nortons in my garage to be posting shit on the internet. 

The girls hand my deliciously smooth coffee into the car. I take the first sip, have a bit of a laugh with the staff and drive off. The dog scores a shmacko from the girls as the ute tray goes past the order window. He has them trained well. 


Over the next few hours, I will sip on my coffee as I get ready for the day and eventually sit down in my office to start my daily work.  

I wonder if the bloke’s strategy might have some gaps in it. See, what happens if I get hit by a bus at the fourth year. I have deprived myself of a small pleasure all those years for nothing. That would be a shame. I justify my coffee addiction to myself. 

What if one day I am relaxing and enjoying my coffee and have that spark of inspiration and have some kind of game changing idea. 

Or what if I get to the 5th year and have my $10k in the bank and then the government decides to impose a new tax, cease our money or massive deflation kicks in meaning that the $10k is not worth shit anyway. Or perhaps something really crazy like a 2-year lock down means you can’t use your $10k for anything fun or meaningful anyway. Yeah, but that could never happen, could it? 

You see as someone who has worked long and hard to build something of value only to have it ripped out from underneath them by circumstances outside my control, I am cautious about planning too far ahead.  

Yes, delayed gratification is healthy and so is self-discipline and hard work. 

But so is enjoying life and creating incredible memories and experiences.  


I am going to continue my morning routine and coffee ritual.  

Yes, I will save a bit for a rainy day. I will also enjoy the journey because even if and when you get to the five years and score the $10k prize money – what’s next?  

That little carrot is on a big stick and its never enough. This is just human nature. 

I have seen firsthand that sometimes the intangible things, the simple things we can’t put a dollar value on, are equally as valuable as cash in the bank, or the roof over your head. Perhaps more important. And perhaps the most secure investments of all. These are the things that cannot be taken away from us. Experiences, education, knowledge, skills. Just like the simple pleasure of enjoying a morning coffee. These are with us forever and no one can fuck with them. 

What has this to do with travel and motorcycles. Well, I will let you work that one out 🙂