The Storm Will Pass. 

There is tension out there. I can’t quite describe it, but people are anxious. Distracted, overwhelmed, even angry. And I am trying to understand and help where I can. I made quite a few phone calls to people today and have done it regularly over the past few weeks. People who had enquired about motorcycle tours. Generally, people are quite happy to talk bikes and travel, share some stories from the road and hear about what we have going on. Today I was interrupting people, wasting their time even. Nobody wanted to talk about anything and most, as far as I could tell, just wanted to get off the phone.  

Maybe we are wasting our time with these stupid old school motorbike tours. Nobody seems interested, everybody has far more important stuff going on. The new pool going in, just bought a Harley, marriage on the rocks. That kind of stuff. Maybe next year or the year after was the theme of the day. 

I have doubts, fears, just like everyone else. Perhaps the world just does not want what we have to offer. And that is ok. But I cannot help but feel that what we have to offer is actually, at least in part, a solution.  

An experience. Out of comfort zones, an awakening. Simple life on the road and away from all this bullshit. Unplugging from the machine for a short amount of time. Riding and laughing and riding some more. 

And that takes me to the core of this blog. What is it that we are doing. Yes, there are bikes, travel, people, roads, countries and food. But there is something more with Nevermind. There’s a rawness, a realness, authenticity, a spontaneity. Something that I can’t seem to communicate until I actually get people onto a tour.  

Like the time we pulled up in far northern Vietnam, near the China border in the middle of nowhere. A random dude is sitting there in the jungle on a speaker. Turns out it was a karaoke speaker. The party started and soon it was singing and dancing in the jungle and the local villagers all coming out to join in with these crazy but fun westerners. These hundreds of stories like this. The camel safari, the great monkey rebellion of 2015, the wild leopard attack. The cops mistaking us for CIA agents and thinking our guitar case held a machine gun.

It goes back to my roots. Anarchist roots of being a rebellious teenager that never grew up. Not accepting the status quo. Believing rules are open to interpretation, optional, and if the rules are bullshit, to not play that game. This gives us freedom. This keeps us young. This makes us feel alive. I have played societies and games, it always felt fake. Get a job, get a mortgage, get another mortgage, amass assets and property and wealth, retire and enjoy life. If you have not worked out that one yet we need to talk. The game is rigged so you can’t get ahead and once you retire it is too late and it is never enough anyway.  

So, I started Nevermind. For people that feel the same or at least feeling that something just is not quite right. People searching for a purpose in the world. And motorcycles have always been the catalyst. And for a time, there was demand. People wanted to experience this freedom. 

And time and time again. Every ride every tour I have seen wasting people come alive. I can see the life force returning to them. I can see the energy, the smiles, I see the smile become a laugh then something hysterical. I see the years of toil fall away.

But the world seems to be in a rut, distracted by so much noise. Perhaps people are losing hope. Our phones, social media and the internet hold our attention and dictate to us. Are we losing the ability, the will, to think for ourselves.  

I remember riding bikes with my mates. Illegally and carefree as a young teenager.  Not hurting anyone, just riding our bikes. Listening to cool music and discovering the world together. This is the experience I aim to replicate. It’s mischievous and free, liberating. And it creates stories that we will share and laugh about forever. 

And it reboots us. Reconnects us with our inner teenager. It makes us rebellious. I’ve seen 70-year-old blokes party like 20 years olds after a full day riding the Himalayas. I’ve seen 20-year-olds sit at the bar in awe of life’s beauty after a wild day riding Sri Lanka. 

Perhaps I am delusional, but I feel we are waking people up to the beauty of life. I feel a calling. The beauty of reconnecting with each other and strangers. The beauty of exploration and discovery. Perhaps I am a hopeless romantic with big dreams but I have seen this hundreds of times. I am not ready to give up on you yet.  

Book the trip. Take the ride. Live the dream. Are you ready? 

And don’t forget to lick ya balls 

You know where to find us. 


8th May 2024 

Nevermind HQ